January 25, 2020

Review: The Stranger's Wife by Anna-Lou Weatherley

Product Description:
Beth and Cath are leaving their husbands.
This is a story about two very different women.
One is wealthy and having an affair with a man who gives her the kind of love that her cold, detached husband does not.
One is living hand to mouth, suffering at the hands of a violent partner who would rather see her dead than leave him.
You may think you know these women already and how their lives will unfold. Beth will live happily ever after with her little girl and her soulmate. Cath will go back to her abusive husband. And these two women will never cross paths.
But you will be wrong.
On the 3.15pm train from London to Bristol, Beth and Cath are about to meet and discover they share one shocking thing in common.
A clever, engrossing and absolutely unputdownable page-turner of a read about what really lies beneath the surface of a marriage. Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will be hooked on The Stranger’s Wife.

My Thoughts:
It took a while for us to find out when Beth and Cath's paths would and the rest of the story to unravel but getting there was very interesting. The story goes back and forth over a year so you are kept in suspense with cliff hanging chapter endings. It kept me reading well into the night several nights in a row. 

And just when you think you've figured out how the book will end you get thrown off by what plays out. Overall it's a great edge of your seat read. 

I recommend this for anyone who loves a good suspense thriller.