January 4, 2020

Review: A Night at the Movies by H.A. Price

Product Description:
Twenty-year-old Verona Hamlin has been working for the past four years at the theater. She’s growing restless, but the one thing that keeps her sane is her coworker Dave, a prankster who takes to mutilating movie posters, laughing at patrons, and quoting The Simpsons to keep him and Verona entertained.

But when Verona decides she’s had enough, her life takes some unexpected turns.

A hilarious and compelling depiction of life behind the movie theater concession stand.

My Thoughts:
As a teen I worked at an amusement park for 3 seasons. When I read the description of A Night At The Movies it sounded just like the atmosphere working there had so I was really excited to read this. Other than Dave, Verona and her friends were a little more well behaved than my bunch but it brought back so many fun memories. 

I enjoyed the book and the characters overall but at the end of the day I was expecting a little more in the storyline. It kind of remained flat and I kept expecting something major to happen but when the story played out it was just a little bump that didn't move me very much. 

My Recommendation: 
I recommend this to anyone who loves humorous fiction and anyone who has worked in any type of entertainment facility.