April 10, 2012

Review: Matched by Ally Condie

In seventeen year old Cassia’s world there are not very many choices to make. This like music, art and poems are limited to the top 100 that Society chose for them, the Society decides who you’re going to be matched with and what job you will have. This system of matching usually works well for everyone and when one of her best friends, Xander, is selected as her match, Cassie is ecstatic. But the next morning Cassia checks her microcard to see Xander’s picture again and something very unexpected happens. It’s not Xander she sees. It’s Ky Markham, a neighbor with a mysterious past. Pretty soon after that Cassia receives a visit from an official that explains the mistake. She states that Ky is an Aberration and will never have a match. But the seed is planted and now Cassia begins to have doubts about Xander and some of the Society’s other rules.

I’m a little late jumping on the Matched bandwagon since I just found out about this trilogy a couple of weeks ago but apparently it’s a very popular series that has been compared to The Hunger Games. The one thing I always ponder in dystopian books is how life as we know it today allows changes like the Society to happen but then I think a) it’s fiction and b) I bet that people in our past might wonder how we allowed ourselves to get to where we are today but with Matched Condie threw in Aberrations and Anomalies who are people who don’t conform to society and that made this one a little more realistic for me.

I really enjoyed the awakening experience that Cassia goes through in the book. It was well done, subtle and not too over the top. I also liked Cassia’s Dad. You can see where Cassia gets her fight from and I hope that he has plays a part in the next book Crossed which is already out and Reached which will be out later this year. I highly recommend this one for anyone who loves dystopian YA.


bermudaonion said...

This series has gotten a lot of positive reviews. It may be one for me to dip my toes in.

Celine said...

I really enjoyed reading Matched too! Besides the gorgeous cover, the story is also very good. Looking forward to read your review on the second book!

Awesome review, Monie! ♥ So glad you enjoyed it!