April 9, 2012

Review: The Future of Us by Jay Ahser and Carolyn Mackler

Sophomore Josh and junior Emma have been neighbors and best friends their whole lives. That is until last November when things got a little awkward between them. Now they don’t really hang out much other than at school with other friends. When Emma receives a computer from her father as a guilt gift (he divorced her mom, moved away and started a new family) Josh’s mom sends Josh over to Emma’s with a free AOL CD that she received in the mail. After installing the CD Emma logs in and is taken to her Facebook page. There’s just one problem. It’s 1996 and Facebook hasn’t even been invented yet. Is someone playing a cruel joke or can Josh and Emma really see what their lives are like fifteen years in the future each time they log on?

After reading a couple of reviews about The Future of Us I promptly put this book on my wish list. The idea seemed like a lot of fun and the book totally lived up to my expectations. It was funny to read about all the old technology like dial up modems and those darn AOL CD that were always being sent out.

After seeing what their futures were like Emma tried her hardest to change hers and Josh tried his hardest to make his future start happening now. It was a unique story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The only reason why I didn’t give this one five stars was the fact that the glitch that allowed them to see their future selves on Facebook was never explained. I would have like to see something about that to give a little closure to the story. I recommend this one for anyone who loves quick YA reads.