October 19, 2008

Review: She's a Witch Girl by Kelly McClymer


Things are finally looking up for Prudence Stewart. She’s no longer in remedial magic classes at Agatha’s Day School for witches and her cheerleading team realizes what they need to do in order to win a place in the National Cheerleading competition. Winning the competition would mean beating her old high school cheer team and that’s just fine for Pru since her crush poaching former BFF has become her enemy.

Too bad Pru’s love life isn’t quite so charmed and boy trouble is lurking just around the corner. Pru has three guys in her life creating drama: Angelo, the mortal next door – Samuel, the geeky best bud and Daniel, the bad boy who ran away but still holds a connection to Pru. A little magic just might come in handy for Pru right about now.

The magic is back! After an awesome book one and a disappointing but still fun book two, this one has won me back. I loved that there was a story that was believable and kept me turning the pages. Pru brings together her team while solving her own personal problems that make this book very enjoyable. I recommend this to all teens and adults who love YA books.


Traci said...

These sound like such fun. I'm going to have to at least try out book number one.

Ginny said...

I'm glad you asked for a comment on your book reviews for a 2nd entry :)

I can't remember if I read the first one of these books or not. I know I had wanted to, but must have forgotten about them. I will have to figure it out & read this series. I love books about witches.

Tracy DeLuca said...

We have all 3 and I enjoyed them for a quick and fun read. SOmewhat juvenile but that is the audience and the character so..... I enjoyed them! LOL

cheryl c said...

Cute cover and fun-sounding story. This is a new author for me, but I may check her out.