October 18, 2008

Review: Bad Cat by Jim Edgar


I happened to see this book as a recommendation from a book swapping site I’m on and I requested it just because I know what bad cats are like…. I live with two of them.

Bad Cats was laugh out loud funny. All 244 cats are photographed in terrifying full color in their most unflattering moments, with a quote plus vital stats: name, breed, age, and hobby. Get to know them. Then see if you can ever forget them.

This book is a MUST READ for all cat lovers. My two favorite pictures from the book are below.

A comment left by Elizabeth reminded me of I Can Has Cheezburger so I thought I would share this widget.

ICHC Cheezburger Widget
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Anonymous said...

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas last year and she absolutely loved it! There's a site called Stuffonmycat.com which she was frequenting quite a bit so I thought she'd like this book and she does! I ended up getting her a desk calendar after that for her birthday because she was enjoying the book so much!

MonieG said...

Thanks for sharing the great site. I've been laughing all night. Two other fun cat sites are I Can Has Cheez Burger and The Infinite Cat Project. where Bristol is cat #1577. I couldn't get Rocko to pose.

Chesh said...

We just love this book. It is one we love to share at parties and laugh at while having company over. I have a slightly 'bad' cat, but ususally he is a pretty good one. Great review!!

Wrighty said...

This book looks so awesome! You have reviewed a lot of books that I think I would like, especially the ones with a sense of humor. Great job!

Terra said...

I came over to visit after you left a comment on my blog about the French pastry chicklit book I reviewed and am giving away one copy of.
My cats are all so very good, but we enjoy a laugh about naughty cats.

clynsg said...

I get a huge kick out of pictures of animals in their normal activities--which frequently are hilarious to watch. Right now I have 2 'bad cats' of my own and then there are my daughter's 3 who come visiting on a routine basis--in fact 2 of them are curled up on my occasional table right now!

clynsg at yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I loved your review of "Bad Cat" by Jim Edgar. I have two bad cats also. Yesterday one of them put snags in a Bride's maid dress that I am storing for my daughter-in-law. I don't know how to tell her.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I do enjoy the I haz cheeseburgers site and have that on my favorites. I do believe this might be the kind of book you go to when you just need a lift.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

ceashark at aol dot com

cheryl c said...

This looks like a funny book. I love the captions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good review! Bad Cat came out in 2004, and just last month, I published My Cat Hates You, based on my website of the same name.

Go check it out!

- Jim