January 16, 2022

Review: Sea Spray by John A. Heldt

Product Description:
Months after stealing two time machines from a madman who wants them back, the Lanes, a family of seven, seek peace and safety in 1927, the latest stop on a journey through time. For a while, each succeeds.

Parents Mark and Mary find housing in affluent East Hampton, New York, where a gracious elderly couple offers use of their mansion. Son Jordan and his new wife, Jessie, plan a family. Siblings Laura, Jeremy, and Ashley pursue fun and adventure. All form strong friendships with the Prices, a mysterious mirror-image family that lives next door.

Billionaire Robert Devereaux could not care less. Reeling from the theft of his million-dollar devices, he sends a hit man to the past to retrieve his property and rid the world of his former business partner and his troublesome clan.

Randy Taylor, who programs the machines, is determined to stop him. He tries to undermine his boss and save the Lanes, even as he tries to help his mother beat a deadly illness. He pines for the day he can join his fugitive friends and rekindle a promising relationship with Laura Lane.

Filled with romance, humor, and heartbreak, SEA SPRAY follows a modern family on the adventure of a lifetime as they navigate their way through the exciting and often dangerous world of Lindbergh, Gershwin, and Fitzgerald. 

My Thoughts:
Sea Spray is book #3 in the Time Box series. As usual, this book is well researched as are all of the books in Heldt's many time travel series.  You get a small peek into real historical events with a unique storyline starring a family from 2022.  In Sea Spray the Lane's have traveled to the roaring 20's. 

On the run, the family tries to blend in with the locals and become close friends with their affluent neighbors. Romance meets adventure with a dash of intrigue, you get sucked in pretty quickly. Surprises pop up at every twist and turn of the plot which kept me reading long past my bedtime. 

My Recommendation:
I recommend this book to anyone who loves romantic time travel and if you haven't read the first two, don't skip them. Sea Spray is fantastic but The Fair is extraordinary and you won't want to miss any of the action.