May 20, 2012

Review: Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans by Gerry Barttlett

Product Description: 

Someone is eating for two...

Full-figured vampire Glory St. Clair thinks things are finally going her way. She's no longer possessed by a demon, the legions of hell aren't on her tail, and her love life is heating up since she managed to reconnect with her maker-and longtime lover-Jeremy Blade.

When a pregnant demon shows up on her doorstep, Glory knows that everything is about to go to hell. Alesa is claiming that the baby she's carrying is Rafe's, conceived while she was inhabiting Glory's body. A clever trap? Or could it be true?

Booties and bibs are the last thing on Glory's mind when she discovers dark secrets from her own forgotten past. Who is she? What is she? And how will the men in her life deal with the fact that she may be more powerful than she knew? One thing is certain. Glory has way more to worry about than fitting into her favorite pair of jeans...

My Review:

When I read book seven in the series I was pretty disappointed (read my review) and swore that if book eight didn't wow me then I would give up on the series. Well now that I've read book eight I have to say that while the book didn't wow me it will keep me in the series at least until the next book. 

There was more of Glory flip-flopping with the men in her life which I hate but the story lines in this one were pretty interesting. First Glory has to deal with the return of the demon Alesa then she learns that before she was turned she wasn't a human. Now in addition to figuring out what she is, she's learning to control all these awesome new powers that she now has and taking back control of her life. 

Book nine in the series has Glory traveling to Scotland to save her relationship with Jeremy so I hope Real Vampires Know Hips Happen is as much fun as the first six books that I loved so much. I recommend this series for all paranormal romance lovers.