March 9, 2012

Review: The Hunt For Atlantis by Andy McDermott

Archaeologist Nina Wilde is 100% sure that she’s located the lost city of Atlantis but unfortunately her none of her superiors at her university believe her and they aren’t willing to fund her expedition to prove her theory is correct. Enter billionaire Kristian Frost. Frost not only funds the expedition but sends his daughter Kari and bodyguard Eddie Chase to keep Nina safe. But even before their journey begins danger is lurking around every corner.

I knew going into the book that The Hunt for Atlantis was going to be pure cheese. So knowing that I enjoyed the fast-paced action and following the group from one remote location to another. What I didn’t like very much was the villain in the story. He was way too over the top with his scheming. It just didn’t mix well with the rest of the story for me.

I also had no clue that this was book one of the Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series of which there are 8 books written so far so the ending was a big surprise. I’m pretty sure I’ll read the next installment, The Tomb of Hercules, but maybe after I let this one settle for a while. Recommended as a library read for anyone who loves suspense thrillers.