February 28, 2010

Review: The Séduction of Simone by Chérie De Sues

When her aunt Celeste dies, Simone Devereux is shocked for two reasons. First her family didn't learn about Celeste's death until after her accident and cremation. Second, Simone inherits Celeste's estate which would be perfect for her business as a portrait painter. Since her clients pose with their partners in the nude the estate makes the perfect place to offer privacy and comfort if she can turn it into a bed and breakfast.

But danger threatens not only her safety but that of her guests. It seems that Celeste was really murdered. Since Simone looks surprisingly like her aunt right down to the birthmark on her chest seeing this gets the killer ramped up again. Together with her handsome neighbor Simone and Trent need to gather enough evidence against him before he strikes again.

Oh and did I forget to mention??? There are two hot Irish poltergeists that are trapped in the mirrors of Simone and Trent's estates. Being poltergeists they have the ability to come to Simone in that moment between being awake and falling asleep and prove their reputation as womanizers who love sharing one woman between them.

Three words... hot, hot, hot. Okay, technically that's one word but The Seduction of Simone is a heart pumping erotic read that is not overly graphic as most erotics I have read are. It has a storyline with meat on it's bones and loveable characters. I highly recommend this one for anyone who enjoys a read that can get you hot and bothered. Hopefully you're lucky enough to have someone nearby to take it out on. But in that case they'll be the lucky ones. LOL

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Victor | UPrinting said...

The cover alone can already tell the readers a peak of what to expect inside. I think writing erotic stories is really hard, I think trying to define what is tasteful to some can be both offensive and bland to the others.

Thank you for the review and more power!

Toni said...

Wow... I think that cover is burning my eyes....I love it. I am looking for a book like this to enjoy! Thanks for the review. It sounds very entertaining.