December 6, 2008

Review: DNA by W. Craig Reed

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In 1992 Navy Seal George Anders and his team are assigned to a mission in Iraq to track down Fahkir Kaseem. Kaseem is a terrorist who recruited a group of Russian scientists with the intention of creating a biological weapon that could potentially eliminate two-thirds of the world’s population. Unfortunately one of the scientists is brought in against her will and as George and the team spoil Kaseem’s plans he falls in love with Annelia and she’s taken away from him under ill-fated circumstances.

Fast forward sixteen years later and a new bad guy is working on the same bio-weapon and Annelia is taken against her will again.

I usually describe more of the book but I feel like I’d give away too much if I added anymore. The book was action packed from the first page and I kept reading long past the time when I would have put down any other book.

The storyline is unique with an extremely surprising ending. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters especially the Navy Seal team members. The one thing I think the book is lacking is just a little more background to the characters so that they become a little more real to the reader. Other than that I recommend this book for all action and thriller lovers.


Alyce said...

I liked this one too. It surprised me how intense the story was.

Wrighty said...

I hadn't heard of this one but it does sound good. I love how you decorated your blog for Christmas! It's soooo cute! After you unveiled the new look and told us who designed it for you I went to her blog to see her other work. She is so good! I told her how impressed I was with your blog and others. Someday, I might have her do mine. So do we get to see new decorations here for all of the holidays? Hope so!

MonieG said...

@ Wrighty I'm thinking I'll update the blog for the major holidays if life isn't too crazy. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Twitter connection. BTW: Love your blog! It's so unique.