April 1, 2014

Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Product Description:
Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice" of Kinnakee, Kansas.” She survived—and famously testified that her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, was the killer. Twenty-five years later, the Kill Club—a secret secret society obsessed with notorious crimes—locates Libby and pumps her for details. They hope to discover proof that may free Ben. Libby hopes to turn a profit off her tragic history: She’ll reconnect with the players from that night and report her findings to the club—for a fee. As Libby’s search takes her from shabby Missouri strip clubs to abandoned Oklahoma tourist towns, the unimaginable truth emerges, and Libby finds herself right back where she started—on the run from a killer.

My Thoughts:
OH EM GEE!! I could not get enough of Dark Places. I've read plenty of books that have made me want to skip to the end just because I was dying to find out how it all turned out but this one tops them all. I just couldn't figure out what was going on and as I read each chapter I kept flip flopping on whether or not Ben was innocent. This was the same way I felt when I read Flynn's other bestseller, Gone Girl.

When I did finally get to the end I just couldn't believe this was how it all ended. It was kind of like I loved it and hated it all at the same time. Dark Places is definitely one of those books that you'll be thinking about long after you turn the last page. 

My Recommendation:
I recommend this one to anyone who loves an edge of your seat suspense thriller.

March 30, 2014

Review: Far Gone by Laura Griffin

Product Description: 
To save her only brother, Andrea Finch must face down a criminal mastermind, the FBI, and her own demons in this thrilling novel from the author of the bestselling Tracers series.

Police detective Andrea Finch is a rising star in her department until a split-second decision derails her career. Disgraced and disillusioned, she’s on leave from her job when she gets an urgent call from her younger brother. She’d prefer to ignore his latest plea for cash, but this time instinct tells her something is very wrong. Andrea’s search for answers takes her to a dusty Texas border town where danger lurks in plain sight and nothing is quite what it seems.

FBI agent Jon North is working undercover in west Texas investigating an unsolved murder that may be linked to a broader plot. But when the evidence points to Andrea’s brother, Jon finds that persuading the stubborn cop to help will be harder than cracking his toughest case.

Andrea must find a way to do what’s right while protecting her only sibling. As the clock ticks down on a deadly plot, Andrea and Jon race to confront a heartless killer who will stop at nothing to deliver a final, terrifying message.

My Thoughts:
From the very first Laura Griffin book I read she quickly became one of my favorite authors. She always weaves a believable suspense story with just the right amount of romance and Far Gone is no exception. 

What's awesome about this book is that it's a different kind of mystery. This time we know up front who the bad guys is and we get to follow along with Andrea and Joe as they unravel the trouble that Andrea's brother is in and connect all the dots in the bigger picture. 

Another fun part of reading Far Gone is that characters from the Tracers series make cameos in the book just as characters from Laura's other books make cameos in the Tracers books. It's such a treat when I recognize someone from another book that I loved. 

My Recommendation: 
I recommend Far Gone for anyone who loves suspense thrillers with a hint of romance.

March 13, 2014

Review: Feedback by Peter Cawdron

Product Description:
Twenty years ago, a UFO crashed into the Yellow Sea off the Korean Peninsula. The only survivor was a young English-speaking child, captured by the North Koreans. Two decades later, a physics student watches his girlfriend disappear before his eyes, abducted from the streets of New York by what appears to be the same UFO. 

Feedback will carry you from the desolate, windswept coastline of North Korea to the bustling streets of New York and on into the depths of space as you journey to the outer edge of our solar system looking for answers.

My Thoughts:

Feedback was a sci-fi surprise. As soon as I started getting into the book I kept thinking to myself that I knew what the book was about and exactly what was going on. Then everything changed and I couldn't wait for it all to play out. 

I really enjoyed the multiple twists and turns and was really thrown by the ending. I'm still brewing over it. I feel a little disappointed because it didn't fit my idea of the perfect ending but it didn't take away from me really loving the story. 

My Recommendation

I recommend this one for anyone who loves sci-fi and aliens. 

March 1, 2014

Review: Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man by Brian McGrory

Product Description:
Brian McGrory thought he had it all figured out: a great job, a condo in Back Bay, and his beloved golden retriever Harry by his side. But after Harry’s death, McGrory's life as a bachelor takes quite the turn. He falls in love with Harry’s veterinarian Pam, and leaves the city for life in the suburbs with Pam’s family and their two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, and Buddy—the self-assured family rooster who hates Brian’s guts.

These things never go as easily as they should. The commute is long, the kids were wary, and Buddy was constantly poised to attack. But rather than accept defeat, Brian eventually sees that Buddy shares the kind of extraordinary relationship with Pam and the girls that he wants for himself. Funnily enough, it’s the rooster’s tenacious devotion to the family that encourages a change in Brian’s perspective, and before long, the archenemy becomes his inspiration, helping Brian evolve into a true family man

With luminous writing and expert comic timing, McGrory brings to life a classic story of love, acceptance, and change as one man’s nemesis becomes his madcap mentor. 

My Thoughts:

Buddy is a sweet story about how Brian comes to terms with moving out of his comfort zone, living with a dog in the city, to entering the world of suburbia with his fiancée and her young kids, multiple pets and the drama that comes with this huge adjustment.

The first part of the book is all about Brian and his dog Harry. Next is about Brian's relationship with Pam. This is where we meet Buddy and all the terror that he brings. It's a hilarious story of love and learning to change.

My Recommendation

I recommend this one for anyone who loves animals and heart-warming stories. 

February 16, 2014

Review: The Finisher by David Baldacci

Product Description:
#1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author David Baldacci as you've never seen him before. 

Why would Quentin Herms flee into the Quag? There was nothing in the Quag except certain death. 

Vega Jane has never left the village of Wormwood. But this isn't unusual -- nobody has ever left the village of Wormwood. At least not until Quentin Herms vanishes into the unknown. 

Vega knows Quentin didn't just leave -- he was chased. And he's left behind a very dangerous trail of clues that only she can decode. 

The Quag is a dark forest filled with terrifying beasts and bloodthirsty Outliers. But just as deadly are the threats that exist within the walls of Wormwood. It is a place built on lies, where influential people are willing to kill to keep their secrets. Vega is determined to uncover the truth -- but the closer she gets, the more she risks her life. 

With THE FINISHER, master storyteller David Baldacci conjures a thrilling, imaginative world where things are as wrong as wrong can be -- and introduces us to an unforgettable heroine who must think fast, look close, and defy all odds in her fight to do what's right.

My Thoughts:

Most avid readers have a few authors whose books are always must reads. David Baldacci is one of those authors for me.  When I had a chance to read an ARC copy of The Finisher I didn't hesitate to snap this one up and boy was I surprised by the story that unfolded.

Baldacci is most notably an author of suspense thrillers and with a title like The Finisher I was expecting an action packed adrenaline ride. What I got instead was a YA dystopian novel about a young girl, Vega Jane, who works as a finisher in a factory called The Stacks and the odd world she lives in, Wormwood.

Initially I almost gave up on the book because it wasn't what I expected. Also what was frustrating to me was that some of the names for common items in Wormwood were made up and some words are the same words we use. So if people are Wugs, horses are sleps and years are sessions why are there such a things as ceramics or even a pub crawl (with only one pub in the village).  It just seemed to me that there was no consistency. After I got over this, the story grabbed me and I'm very glad I stuck through to the end.

Vega Jane has had an awful lot of adversity in her young life but she comes through stronger than ever and she uses this strength to find out more about the world around her.

My Recommendation

I recommend this one for anyone who loves dystopian YA and I'm thinking The Finisher will be a series because of the ending. I certainly hope so.