September 4, 2012

Review: Stealing a Moment by Stefanie Worth

Stealing a Moment was previously published in the Live, Love, Laugh Anthology and is now available in the Conversational Silences poetry collection.

My Product Description: Living up in Angel Acres since her death, Ronni Summers fills the hours working at her job as a prayer sorter thinking about the husband she left on earth, Caleb.

When Caleb sees a falling star, his wish is to hold is wife one more time. Stealing a Moment is the short story about that wish coming true.

My Thoughts: Stealing a Moment is cute 15-page short story about true love and getting another chance to hold the one you miss the most. Since the book is so short the story doesn't have much of an intro or lead-in. It begins with no back story but you quickly understand what's happened to Ronni and what becomes of her when she falls from the stars.

I thought the love between Ronnie and Caleb was touching and enjoyed the way the book ended even though it was nothing like I imagined it.

My Recommendation: I recommend this story for anyone who loves romance. Previously I read and loved, (read my review) in the Holiday Brides Anthology so I encourage romance lovers to pick up any of Stefanie's works.