March 16, 2011

Review: Rasner's Revenge by Mark Rosendorf

Rasner's Revenge

Now that fifteen-year old Clara Blue has finally escaped the living hell that was the Brookhill Children's Psychiatric residence she has two goals. One is to control her own small band of mercenaries and the other is to break her informally adopted father Rick Rasner from the military asylum he's been placed into by his nemesis General Straker.

With only the help of a computer hacker and a few other teens that escaped Brookhill with her Clara is desperate enough to hire the one person who might be able to break Rick out. Unfortunately that turns out to be Jake Scarberry. The mercenary who has already tried to kill Rick twice. Together they form a tentative alliance but almost every single one of the ragtag group has an ulterior motive and Rick is growing more desperate with each minute he spends incarcerated.

Agh!! This is one seriously whacked out adventure. I love the action and the twists and turns throughout the entire book. It's hard to even figure out who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. Is it possible to write a book with no hero? Nothing about this book or even whole trilogy for that matter is predictable. If you love action similar to Jason Bourne or Mitch Rapp with a darker twist than this book and this series is for you.

Be sure to start out with The Rasner Effect and Without Hesitation since this is definitely not a stand alone read.


bermudaonion said...

This sounds like a book that would mess with your mind!