January 30, 2011

Review: Halfway Hexed by Kimberly Frost

Halfway Hexed (A Southern Witch Novel)

After her heroics while saving the town in Would-Be Witch and Barely Bewitched you'd think that the residents of Duvall, Texas would be honoring Tammy Jo Trask. But no, sadly they're trying to expel the demons out of her by kidnapping her and praying for her. When she finally escapes from those religious nuts she winds up being picked up again by another kidnapper. One whose plans are a bit more sinister than praying the evil out of her.

Once again Tammy Jo makes a quick escape but now she has to deal with the  president of The World Association of Magic who has come to town with a group of witches to question Tammy Jo and Bryn Lyons. Bryn is the one wizard who Tammy Jo is forbidden to have anything to do with because of a long ago family prophecy but he is also the  wizard who is a perfect match Tammy Jo. When the two get together not only do the sparks fly but the magic that flows between them makes them both more powerful.

Now with more enemies than she can handle Tammy Jo is on the run to save herself, a mysterious woman trapped inside a cameo and once again, the town of Duvall.

Tammy Jo is such a lovable character. She is funny, brave and adorably clumsy all at once. Her antics would definitely be cheesy and unbelievable for another character but they are perfectly suited for Tammy Jo making this light paranormal series a must read. I highly recommend reading books one and two in the series first because Halfway Hexed is not a stand-alone read. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series because this one has a definite cliff hanging ending!


angelitaconalas said...

I love this book! I love the whole series! Has Kimberly ever read your blog? Maybe if she did she would be inclined to answer a few questions and tell us if she is planning on writing book 4.

I love the idea of Tammy Jo and Bryn Lyons though Zach is written like a sweet piece of chocolate that no woman would mind letting melt in her mouth. mmm... good! Though, I just want to hear Bryn call her Tammy Jo... submission can sometimes be a beautiful thing, and come on!... she has saved his life so many times.

Thank you for the review!