July 7, 2010

Review: Insatiable by Meg Cabot


Meena Harper, who was known as You're Gonna Die Girl in high school, has a gift or curse depending on who you ask. She has the ability to take one look at a person and know if they're going to die soon.

Now all grown up Meena has her eye on a promotion to become the head writer of the popular soap, Insatiable. But her bosses have something else in mind. They've promoted Meena's nemesis, Shoshana who has a bright idea to copy a rival soap and bring a vampire into the storyline.

Then something unexpected happens. Meena meets a real life prince and she has a wonderful idea. She's going to put her own twist on the storyline. She's going to introduce a vampire hunting prince to Insatiable. But there's just one catch. The prince, Lucien, is a real vampire and Meena falls head over heels in love. Now she's caught in the middle of a vampire war and an ancient society of vampire hunters. Will she make it out alive or will she see something she never has before... her own death?

I have a couple of Meg's books on my bookshelf but this is the first one I've read and I absolutely loved it. The were so many characters that were vital to the plot and they were all fabulously written. The best part of reading this one was the ending. It wasn't at all predictable and I loved the way the ending was completely satisfying yet left enough of a cliff hanger to keep me hoping that Insatiable is the start of a new series. I highly recommend this one if you love paranormal romances.

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bermudaonion said...

I haven't tried Meg Cabot, but this sure does sound awfully tempting.

Enid Wilson said...

Very complex plot but sound interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

Really Angelic