June 24, 2010

Review: Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Alan Milne

Sweet Misfortune: A Novel

After a terrible tragedy left Sophie an orphan at age 9 she always had trouble connecting in relationships. However a surprisingly fun blind date with Garrett slowly had her opening up to him but just days before their wedding, Garrett tucked tail and ran for the hills leaving Sophie devastated.

After picking herself up and dusting herself off Sophie creates Misfortune Cookies in Garrett's honor which become a best seller in her chocolate shop. They're fortune cookies with a twist. A delicious cookie dipped in bitter chocolate with not-so-good luck fortunes such as "The one you love is closer than you think. If you were smart, you'd start running."

Just when life starts looking brighter, Garrett walks back into her shop. He wants a chance to explain why he ran off but Sophie is having none of it. After much badgering, Sophie agrees to one date if at least 100 people respond to an ad that states, "Wanted: Happiness." and with Sophie judging what is true happiness from the responses it's going to be tough for Garrett to break down the wall Sophie built around her heart.

Aww, Sweet Misfortune actually made me cry! It was surprising that a male author could stir up such emotion in genre that female authors usually dominate. The only reason I couldn't give the book 5 stars is that it was just a little too predictable but it was still a "sweet" love story that I zoomed through in two days. I highly recommend this one for anyone who loves a good contemporary romance. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice review. It's on my wish list!

bermudaonion said...

Hopefully I'll get to this soon! It sounds like a wonderful book for the summer.