April 1, 2010

Review: My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Save (Harlequin Teen)

In book two of the Soul Screamers series (excluding the short story prequel) Kaylee is learning more about her abilities as a bean sidhe (banshee) from her boyfriend Nash's mom, Harmony. During a concert where they scored back stage passes Kaylee and Nash learn that both of the pop stars they just watched, Addison and Eden, sold their sold to the devil for fame and fortune. When Eden dies on stage, Nash's brother Tod begs them to save Addison. But to save Addison, Kaylee has to make some difficult choices including one that will get her grounded and make it almost impossible for her to help.

I seriously enjoyed this installment more than My Soul to Take. Since now we know exactly how Kaylee's ability works along side Nash's there is more room for drama in the story. I also love the way the relationship between Nash and Kaylee is growing yet still hasn't crossed over into sex like some YA books do which makes me crazy. Also Kaylee learns how to cross over into the Netherworld where this are strange indeed. This is a must read if you love paranormal YA books.

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Too many banshees for me but nice review....I am entering for Presumed Innocent and think I comment here

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