April 11, 2010

Review: Murder Has a Sweet Tooth by Miranda Bliss

Murder Has a Sweet Tooth (A Cooking Class Mystery)

Book five of the Cooking Class Mystery series has Annie in the middle of a murder investigation at the same time as planning her wedding.

When her fiancé Jim's cousin Alex gets arrested for a murder he didn't commit Jim and Alex don't even have to ask. Annie gladly puts aside her wedding planning to help Alex out. By throwing herself right into the middle of the investigation, Annie's best friend Eve takes over as wedding planner and Eve has big plans for including her dog Doctor Masakazu in the ceremony and making the wedding as over the top as it can be.

I think it's awesome that there is no beating around the bush about why Annie is investigating this murder. In most cozies there's always someone asking the lead character not to poke her nose into the investigation and to leave it to the cops but of course they never listen and solve the murder, putting themselves in danger.

With Murder Has a Sweet Tooth, Annie prides herself as an investigator who has already solved 4 crimes and who everyone turns to when Alex is arrested. For that alone I love this book. Throw in Eve who wants to have her dog as ring boy and wants to wear a dress flashier than a Vegas costume and you have a perfectly hilarious cozy mystery where you're guaranteed that Annie is going to get her man (or woman), save Alex and pull off the perfect wedding to the man of her dreams. I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves cozy mysteries.

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