April 16, 2010

Review: Flirting with Forever by Gwyn Cready

Flirting with Forever

Famed 17th century painter Peter Lely is sent from his cozy existence in the Afterlife to deal with a pesky problem back in the London of 1673. There he is to intercept the person who unlawfully traveled back in time to dig for details on the life of another great painter, Anthony Van Dyck. Prior to the intervention, Campbell Stratford had learned enough salacious details about Van Dyck to write an embarrassingly accurate “fictography” that scandalized the Executive Guild into sending Peter back in time.

While purchasing an obscure book to be used as research for her own book, art historian Cam Stratford was accidently whisked through time to 1673. Intent on getting the goods on Van Dyck she spends some time with Peter Lely. During their brief encounter Cam thinks she hit a gold mine of information but when she returns to the present she realizes that her project was sabotaged by Peter and to get even she turns her book into an expose on Peter’s life ignites his anger… and his passion.

First of all DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Google Peter Lely before reading this book. Or even after if you can help yourself, LOL. The Peter in the book is dashing and good-looking and the Peter on Google is let’s just say “not so much”. Pushing that out of my mind I say Flirting with Forever is a cute time travel romance.

I really enjoyed the romance but the time travel and the Executive Guild aspects of the story are a bit jumbled. There’s no back story or “this is how it works” instruction so I kind of felt a little lost for some of the beginning. Once I finished the book I even went back and re-read the beginning so it made more sense and as a result I give this one 3 stars. If there was just a teeny bit more explanation I would have given the book 5 stars because it’s a really fun romp through time with a believable happy ending.

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