March 18, 2010

Review: Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs by Julie Jackson

Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs

Glamourpuss was a cute and quick book. There are 25 "models" and they each have a small little paragraph or funny saying that matches the look. For example the cover cat, Boone says, "I want a pony". There were quite a few that made me laugh out loud but I expected just a little more humor from The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. I recommend this as a coffee table book if you're a fellow cat lover. Meow >^..^<

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bermudaonion said...

I just don't get why you'd want to put a wig on a cat, but okay.

Lisa Rusczyk said...

That is so awesome. I loved the video - laughed all the way through it.

Bingo said...

I am not a cat person (sorry) and can't believe there are people who would even want it on their coffee table but if you say so, I trust you...kdhaney at gmail dot com