January 17, 2010

Review: Breakfast in Bed by Robin Kaye

Breakfast in Bed

Rich Ronaldi is everything a girl would want. He's handsome, smart and knows how to please a woman in bed. But when his girlfriend, Gina, leaves him because he's not long-term relationship material it causes a kink in Rich's plan on securing tenure at his college.

Struggling artist Becca Larsen has a huge chip on her shoulder. She wants nothing more than to prove to her father that she can make it in the art world without her rich family's connections.

When circumstances land Rich and Becca in the same apartment they have no choice but to make it work while Becca's new apartment and studio are being remodeled. Then Rich has a brilliant idea. He convinces Becca to teach him how to become a Domestic God so that he can win Gina back and show the dean of his college that he's stable and dependable.

The only thing that neither of them counted on was the sparks that fly whenever they're in the same room. Will Becca let Rich knock the chip off her shoulder and will Rich realize that his perfect match isn't the one he's trying to win back??

Breakfast in Bed is the third book in the Domestic Gods series. I read and loved Romeo, Romeo and have Too Hot Too Handle in my TBR pile but by reading this one out of order I didn't miss anything. Breakfast in Bed follows the tried and true romance recipe of the perfect couple finding love then getting torn apart only to come back together for a happily ever after but it's still an amazing love story.

First off who wouldn't fall in love with a guy who goes from typical messy male who starts laundry on fire to an immaculate housekeeper that can brew a mean cup of coffee. I fell in love with Rich and wanted to smack Becca up side the head and I always say that when an author makes me care that much about characters the book is a must read. Breakfast in Bed is a quick, lightly steamy read that I recommend to all romance lovers.

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Scorpio M. said...

Thanks for the review. I heard great things about Romeo, Romeo and have it in my to-buy list. BiB has had slightly less favorable reviews than R,R...maybe book 1 was just too good.

Enid Wilson said...

Robin's writing is witty. And I wouldn't mind teaching Rich how to cook. I bake mean cookies!

Really Angelic