December 21, 2009

Review: True Blue by David Baldacci

True Blue

Two years ago D.C. police officer Mace Perry was kidnapped, given drugs and forced to commit several armed robberies. She was caught and given a two year prison sentence and kicked off the police force.

Now freshly out of prison she wants to clear her name but her sister, the police chief, wants her to lay low. But laying low is hard to do when Beth takes Mace on a call to investigate a murder at a D.C. law firm.

Lawyer Roy Kingman gets the shock of his life when a body tumbles out of a fridge and into his arms. Seen as a person of interest Roy is drawn into the investigation of the murder by Mace. Together they team up to prove Roy is innocent and when a homeless man Roy befriended is arrested for the murder the pair also tries to save “The Captain” from a guilty charge.

Risking her life more than once, Mace is positive that solving this case will get her back on the police force. Now only if she can outrun the killers...

True to form this Baldacci thriller has a lot of action and suspense but I was a little disappointed in the storyline and resolution. There are usually a lot of plot twists and turns or intersecting plot lines that all come together in the end but none of that was found in True Blue. It was still a good read but not one of Baldacci’s bests. Save this one for a library read if you love thrillers.

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bermudaonion said...

I've been looking forward to this one so I'm disappointed to see the storyline wasn't up to snuff.

Anonymous said...

I normally love baldacci but this book almost distracted you from reading it with truly corny lines and ridiculous exchanges. It's like a literary version of an episode of Charlie's Angels. He has lost the plot with this one. Don't purchase it. Save it for library. Sorry to be anonymous. Just saw blog and will subscribe. It looks very entertaining. Jo from Australia.