September 29, 2009

Review: My CSN Office Chair

I've had my chair for about two weeks now and cannot tell you how much it's made a difference in my posture while at the computer. If you remember from my previous post my new chair was replacing the teeny Walmart chair on the right. The too small Walmart chair was wobbly and always sank to the bottom so it forced me to sit on the very edge and I would always catch myself slouching down. I couldn't stay on the computer very long because my neck would start hurting.

With my office chair from CSN Chairs I can sit fully on the chair and my back is straight while I'm on the computer and my body is thanking me for it. Now whenever I have marathon computer sessions the only thing bothering me is my cats begging for attention. LOL

I picked a black chair to go with my office decor but CSN Chairs has several different colors and fabrics to choose from. Another plus is that there are chairs available for all price ranges. From a basic plastic chair to fabric chairs and high end leather chairs they have plenty to choose from. I highly recommend you start your search with CSN Chairs when in the market for a new office chair.

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Bingo said...

Sounds great, Monie. I love my bookcase and I think this CSN group has some really great stuff..keep enjoying your chair!

bermudaonion said...

I'm glad to see you're enjoying your new chair!

tigger58 said...

thanks for this review Monie. I suffer with so much neck and right shoulder pain at work. I've asked for an Ergonomic eval at work so I can get a better chair...I"m pretty sure that's what it is because I don't lean back at all. I too slouch!