September 2, 2009

Coming Soon: Office Chair Review!

About 4 months ago the office chair that I've had forever finally gave out on me after about 5 years and 3 moves. The back was falling off and it leaned way over to the side but it was a super comfy chair and just the right size so I kept taping it back together and sitting sideways to balance out the lean.

Well finally the lean did me in. I sat down one day to post a review and whoomp! I fell over when the chair leaned just a little to far. LOL

I sent hubby to Walmart to get me a new chair with instructions not to spend more that $60. You know that saying that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself? It definitely applies here. He's such a good guy in so many other ways but shopping for me he has no clue. (case in point... Last Christmas he asked me what I wanted. I gave clear instructions. I wanted a couple of sweaters but no black ones because I already had a black sweater and no v-necks which I don't like. Lo and behold what do I open up Christmas eve?? Two sweaters. One black and one dark grey v-neck. LOL)

So back to my original dilemma. What does he bring back from Walmart? A student chair that cost $29. And the worst part is that he's such a sweet guy he had the chair all assembled for me when I came home from work so there was no chance of returning it.

This chair was super tiny! I felt like I had to sit on it with one butt cheek or I would break it. Sure enough after less than a month the chair wouldn't hold us up anymore. Whenever one of us would sit on it it would sink all the way down to the lowest setting and I would have to use the lever to bring it back up again and squeeze just one cheek back on it. Horrible!!

But just as I started browsing office chairs to do my shopping I was contacted by CSN Chairs. They're coming to the rescue with a new office chair to review. Check out some of the AWESOME chairs they have using the link above and be on the lookout for my review coming soon. I can't wait!!

CSN Chairs has plenty of quality chairs, real people sized, that would have met my $60 spending limit. This should have been my first stop. LOL

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Lisa Rusczyk said...

Sweet! Meanwhile, send hubby out to get you a laptop with no spending limit. I bet he'll come home with something with a glowing keyboard and an alien on the back. It'll be fast as lightening. Make him use his credit card.

MonieG said...

So true!! LOL he loves shopping for gadgets.