August 8, 2009

A note from One Deadly Sin author Annie Solomon

WIN A $20 Barnes and Noble gift card from Annie Solomon

Are You Sinning This Summer?
If you’ve got a copy of my latest romantic suspense, One Deadly Sin, you can turn it into a $20 Barns and Noble Gift Card.

Show Me Where
Just enter my Special Photo Contest. Take a picture of yourself with my book and send it in.

Picture This
Be as creative as you like—the crazier the photo the better. I’ll post a rotating selection on site.

Be A Winner
For contest details go to the Special Photo Contest on my website.

Happy Sinning Everyone!

PS from Monie: Read my five star review of One Deadly Sin

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Annie Solomon said...

Hey, Monie! Thanks for getting the word out. The pictures I'm getting are a hoot!

Toni said...

Hey.. I have this book. Maybe It is time for a photo. thank you for posting. :)