August 27, 2009

Blog Tour & Review: Babydoll by Allyson Roy

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When three up and coming fashion models are murdered the police think they have found their man when a witness puts photographer Angel Morales at the scene of the third murder. 100% sure of her brother’s innocence, Benita “Binnie” Morales enlists the help of her roommate and best friend, Saylor Oz, on a quest to find the real killer so her brother is set free.

Something about the murders rings a bell with Saylor and as she goes over the cases again she remembers. The MO of the killer is one that she’s seen before, in a vintage porn movie called Bad, Bad Babydoll.

Convinced she’s onto something Saylor takes the information to the investigator working with Angel’s lawyer. Needless to say he’s not interested in her theory so Binnie and Saylor do a little investigating of their own which leads to them being taken into police custody and being hunted by a pair of stoned drug dealers.

But all this investigating may have triggered the real killer to come after Saylor when she takes on the persona Babydoll during fashion week.

Babydoll was total blast. Saylor is quite a character. She’s a sex therapist that’s small in stature but has a large appetite for sex herself. Who else would dare to pull out and autograph a rather large **cough, toy that resembles a certain part of the male anatomy, cough** on live TV? LOL And don’t even get me started on Saylor’s eccentric aunt Lana that likes to fly on nude airlines and Binnie’s pet bird that likes to talk dirty.

Second in the Saylor Oz mystery series after Aphrodisiac, Babydoll definitely stands alone and I can’t wait to read the first (which sadly I didn’t remember I had on my to-be-read shelf until I read the sneak peek of it at the end of Babydoll) and next book in this series. This is a recommended read for anyone who loves mysteries with a romantic twist.

About Allyson Roy
Allyson Roy translates into Alice & Roy, husband and wife collaborating authors. Roy, a graduate of the University Of The Arts in Philadelphia, has a background in theater, art and standup comedy. Alice, dancer/choreographer/teacher, double majored in dance and philosophy at the State University of New York. They spent many gypsy years living and working in the different neighborhoods of New York City and Philadelphia. Aside from being marriage and writing partners, they are also best friends, which is reflected in the heartfelt, go-the-distance friendship of their two main characters.

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Allyson Roy said...

Thank you, Monie, for reading and reviewing BABYDOLL and for having us as guests on your blog today.

If any readers have questions for us, we'll be happy to answer them.

trish said...

People have been saying how funny this book is, but I've just had to trust them. When you said, "Who else would dare to pull out and autograph a rather large **cough, toy that resembles a certain part of the male anatomy, cough** on live TV?" I laughed out loud! That's hilarious!

Thanks for such a thoughtful review, Monie!

Becky W. said...

I'm REALLY hoping to snag a copy of this soon. I can't waint to read it! Great review!