August 9, 2009

Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Bargain with the Devil by Enid Wilson

Winners: Deidre in Georgia and Donna in Missouri

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy learns of the debacle involving Elizabeth Bennet's sister several months after he was rejected by Elizabeth, and volunteers to help find her sister, of his own accord. But what if Miss Elizabeth had requested Mr. Darcy's aid in just a few days after the disastrous proposal at Hunsford, and he was still very angry with her refusal? What if he decided to be ungentlemanly, and demanded a very particular reward from her in exchange for his assistance? This steamy, funny Pride and Prejudice what-if short story explores that scenario with wit, emotion and intriguing plot twists that take this perennial favorite to another direction.

My Review:
Ok guys. Seriously I have to ask... Why didn't anyone clue me in to Pride and Prejudice and it's fan fiction sooner? After I read, reviewed and LOVED Enid Wilson's hot, hot book In Quest of Theta Magic in April (read my review) she contacted me about reviewing Bargain with the Devil. Enid described it as a P&P what if story and I was intrigued.

I started with Pride and Prejuice by Jane Austen and then moved on to the movie starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen (when Mr. Darcy flexed his hand after helping Elizabeth into the carriage my heart broke!) and wrapped it up with Bargain with the Devil. I devoured it in one sitting and then went to Enid's website Steamy Darcy (rated NC-17) and zoomed through all of the short P&P stories in the HOT POOL there. But don't despair she also has a Cool Room for those who like a little less spice.

I found my new favorite fictional male character in Mr. Darcy (move over Rourke from J.D. Robb's In Death series) and in Bargain with the Devil he is certainly a scoundrel but Enid did a wonderful job on this what if story. I especially liked the unfortunate circumstances of Miss Bingley. I'm sure that Enid had lots of fun writing this book because it shows. This is a must read if you love Pride and Prejudice. Download your own copy from Lulu for just $4.20!!

Here's a small prequel tease to Bargain with the Devil:

Why am I angry with Elizabeth? - diary entries by Mr. Darcy

Monday thirteenth of April 1812

Two days after my return from Kent.

Three days after HER rejection and what a long day this has been!

I should not have gone to Lady Worcester’s soiree.

Every woman I saw, I could not help comparing them to HER.

But in vain have I struggled. None of them would do. None of them can mend my hurting heart.

Miss Warwick’s eyes are dull, nothing compared to HER sparkling fine eyes.

Lady Blackmore’s form is awkward, not like HERS, light and pleasing.

Miss Eton’s singing was technical, and did not possess the emotion SHE has.

And Lady Worcester, what a simpleton!

How much money had her father paid for her education? How could she confuse Shakespeare’s poem with Wordsworth’s?

My Elizabeth did not benefit from the teaching of a governess and yet she could quote poets and philosophers without fail or error.

That is not true. Elizabeth Bennet of Hertfordshire, the only woman I thought would spend the rest of my life with and to bear my children, was indeed a simpleton as well.

She was ignorant of everything concerning Wickham. But then on the other hand – detection could not be in her power, and suspicion certainly not in her inclination.

How could she take such an eager interest in that rake's concerns?

How could she reply to the honour I bestowed upon her with so little endeavour at civility?

“I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry.”

Oh how angry and hurt I feel toward HER!

How could she expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of her connections? - to congratulate myself on the hope of relations, whose condition in life is so decidedly beneath my own?

“Your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others”

But then what did she really know about me? To my own detriment I hid my feelings from her.

After all I assumed every one would know I am the best landlord in Derbyshire, the best master and the best brother.

I wish to never set eyes on her again.

“Had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner"

But if I ever do see Miss Elizabeth Bennet again, I shall show her just how ungentlemanly I can really be.

Diary by Fitzwilliam Darcy
Prequel to Bargain with the Devil

And now on to the goodies!! Enid has graciously provided a copy of Bargain with the Devil and a cool Aussie gift for two lucky readers.

  • So how do you win a book and one of these cool gifts? So glad you asked. Just head on over to Steamy Darcy (rated NC-17 so this one is for 18 yrs+ ) and register yourself for news. Then come back here and leave me a comment with your Steamy Darcy user name so I can verify your registration with Enid. This is required for entry into this giveaway and to be eligible for extra entries.

  • For two extra entries take a peek (or stay an hour LOL) in the Hot Pool or Cool Room, come back here and leave me a comment with the title of your favorite what if short story.

  • For two more entries Tweet about this blog tour and leave me the link in a separate comment.

  • And finally for five bonus entries, blog about this tour, review and giveaway in a main blog post and leave the link in a separate comment.

  • The best part of this giveaway is that it is open worldwide so everyone has a chance to win this fun book. The two winners will be selected on August 20th and will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or a new winner will be selected. GOOD LUCK!

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    Enid Wilson said...

    Wow, Monie, it's great that you finally got the time to read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and like it. I hope you didn't neglect your hubby for Mr. Darcy.

    And Happy Birthday! Hope you have another great year ahead. Many thanks for hosting me and giving Devil five stars.


    tina werner said...

    oooh looks like an awesome read! please enter me in the draw :)

    my user name is: stampitchick

    my email: stampitchick at yahoo dot ca


    MonieG said...

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks Tina for entering the competition. I wonder if Pride and Prejudice is well known in Canada...

    The Brunette Librarian said...

    Looks delightful! :)

    I went over to steamy darcy..woot woot and my user name is: rachieg

    I kind of liked the What If story "Where is the Ring?" :)

    Such a neat site, I'm gonna be there a lot from now on. Thanks for sharing!

    rachie2004 @ yahoo (dot) com

    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks Rachie, I've one choose-your-own-adventure sci-fi P&P story "Every Savage Can Reproduce" to finish.

    After that, I'm going to start another Regency what-if story called "The Spinster". Hope you'll enjoy visiting my site in future.

    Asylumgirl said...

    You know, I've never actually read Pride and Prejudice. I keep hoping to get around to all those classics. I did register at Steamy Darcy and my user name is ddurance. I liked the short story in the hot pool "When the Dead Interferes." Who doesn't love a romantic ghost story?

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

    Charlotte Phillips said...

    Great review - Congrats Enid!

    Anonymous said...

    First of all, I loved Pride and Prejudice. It was one of my all time favorite books.

    OK-I registered for news. My User Name is charmandluck.


    Anonymous said...

    The cool room wasn't all that cool. The short story I read was My Favourite Cupcake. It was funny, but a bit raw.


    Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday!

    Anonymous said...

    I don't know whether I need to repeat my former entry to get the +2.So I'll just recap that I spent time in the cool room reading My favourite Cupcake.


    MonieG said...

    Thank you for the birthday wishes Benita!

    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks Deidre, hope you have time to read Pride and Prejudice one day. Jane Austen crafted some amazing characters.

    Thanks Charlotte for dropping by.

    Benita, it's good that you love JA's works. Yes, the short stories were written very quickly. A bit on the raw side.

    catss99 said...

    i registered under catss99


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    a hussy offer, is the title


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    Susan Helene Gottfried said...

    No need to enter me, Monie. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. This is up at Win a Book for you!

    Pamela Keener said...

    Mmmmmmmm sounds like a great read

    my user name is pam4290

    thanks bunches

    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks Amanda and Pam. I wish to one day to expand A Hussy Offer into a full length novel.

    nfmgirl said...

    hee hee What a fun read!

    I signed up with the username "nfmgirl".

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

    nfmgirl said...

    I like the Nosy Parker story in the Hot Pool:

    “What sign should I give him? I cannot just go up to him and kiss him,” Elizabeth seemed to have enough of the serious discussion. She broke out into a laugh and said, “Maybe I should hide in his bedroom at Netherfield and wait for his return. I will sleep naked in his bed and compromise him. Then he will have to marry me.”

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    donnas said...

    Please include me. I went over and registered and my user name is donnas

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    catss99 said...

    entry 2: a hussy offer, is the title


    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks nfmgirl and donnas, I was at a romance conference talking about vibrating Martian Darcy, so sorry to get back to your comments late. nfmgirl, good that you like Nosy Parker. Some readers said Lizzy might have split personality there, haha, talking to herself like that.

    CrystalGB said...

    Bargain With The Devil sounds great.

    My username is CrystalGB


    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks Crystal for signing up. Good luck!

    Dawn M. said...

    Hmmm, I think I like the sound of this one. :0) Count me in!

    My user name is: librarygrinch

    My favorite short story is Talking Jock. Heh. Gotta love P & P set in space. :0)

    librarygrinch at gmail dot com

    Enid Wilson said...

    Thanks Dawn, I have written four stories of P&P set in space so far, really fun to imagine a Martian Darcy with cloning special talent.

    Huguette En said...

    Sounds like a great book, thanks for the chance!

    username: henglish

    Enid Wilson said...

    Huguette, thanks for entering. Your name sounds very unique. Is there a special meaning behind it?

    Huguette En said...

    Huguette En said...

    Hi Enid,

    It's a french name and there is no special meaning to it. Looked online and it means Mind, heart or spirit, good to know :) It's pronounced "u-get", the u sounds different in french.

    Enid Wilson said...

    Mind, heart or spirit, that's a marvelous meaning!