April 20, 2009

I Like: Book Buddy by Amanda Crawford Designs

Courtesy of Reading Comfort

Last week just in the nick of time my new Book Buddy arrived from Reading Comfort. Hubby and I were just about to leave on a nine hour (each way) road trip and of course I always go stocked plenty of books to keep me entertained. We make this trip at least once every 3-4 months and trust me getting comfortable in a huge dually work truck is not easy but the Book Buddy changed every thing.

It’s is a pillow with adjustable ribbons to keep your book in place and the pages secure so that you can read hands free and I loved it! I was finishing a trade size paperback when I first received the Book Buddy and after a quick run through of the instructions I slipped my book in the ribbons, tightened the book in place and finished my book off in no time.

I don’t have a keeper shelf so I prefer to read paperbacks but of course most new releases are hardcover. I dislike reading hardcovers because they’re so bulky and hard to read comfortably. With the Book Buddy, my problem was solved. I nestled the book right into the pillow, secured it with the ribbons and the book was easy to handle in any position… even lying in bed!

But that’s not all the Book Buddy comes with an acrylic piece that slips right into place and converts it into a portable desktop. When I finished my book and the time came for me to write my review I slipped the top right into the ribbons, tightened it and had the perfect place to keep my laptop without burning my lap from the heat. It was great and although I’m positive it wasn’t meant to be used this way, when the road reading got too tiring I removed the acrylic and had a nice travel pillow to boot.

The Book Buddy was invented by company founder, Myrna Alpern, whose mother loved to read, but struggled to hold books because of her arthritic hands. Myrna designed the reading pillow to hold both hard and soft-cover books, thus sparing her hands and arms undue stress.

The Book Buddy is available in thirteen different designs and in addition you can also purchase one with a matching 44"x52" lap blanket perfect for a cozy night of reading. I encourage you to visit Reading Comfort and take a look around at all they offer. You’ll find many great items for readers and with Mother’s Day around the corner they even have an “add this” button at the bottom of the page so you can email a not so subtle hint. LOL


bermudaonion said...

I love my Book buddy, too! I hope to write my review soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Monie!

This sounds great!! I'll have to try to order one.

Thanks for the info.

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds very cool!!

Pam (aliadam from FR)

tigger58 said...

Monie, you make this Book Buddy sound like a must have!!! While reading your review, you sounded like an infomercial...I love it! I will order one on my next payday. Keep up the good work on your reviews!!!

Ladytink_534 said...

I really want one of these! I use a pillow for the laptop and to prop the book on when I'm reading but it's hubby's so I can only use it when he's not. How nice it would be to have one just for me... *sigh*

Toni said...

Gimme gimme gimme.. I must have one. Yay... I will gift it to myself for Mother's Day... How about that..? Thanks for sharing.