February 28, 2009

Rudyman to the rescue!

Recently my husband was in need of a new GPS Navigator. I spent a while searching out the lowest price I could find using all the shopping portals and comparison sites. When we decided on the Garmin Nuvi 205w the retail was $249 and the lowest price I found was $169. I thought I found a great deal but then I remembered seeing RudyMan.com on NapWarden's blog (my blog designer) and decided to give him a try. Rudy found me the same GPS unit for only $140!

Searching for your deal is a cinch. Enter the name and model number of the item you're interested in and the lowest price you found. Rudy will then send you an email with the RudyMan price and you have 12 hours to take advantage of the great deal.

I'll definitely be using RudyMan for all my shopping needs both big and small.


Toni said...

Thank you for the recommendation. And.... Pop on over to my blog. You have an award!

Kristi said...

I also have used Rudyman.com. Not only are the prices he found cheaper, but he was honest and the communication was great.

One of the products I wanted, he just couldn't find cheaper and told me what a great deal I had found!! I loved that honesty!!