December 28, 2008

Elisabeth Naughton Giveaway

I cracked up on this contest and thought I would share.

"I'm not afraid of the dark," Monie snapped. How the hell did he know what she was thinking? And why had they bothered to stop now when they were so close to the prize?

Indiana Jones chuckled, the sound low and sexier than she wanted it to be as he made himself comfortable on the damp ground and leaned back against the boulder where they'd stopped to set up camp for the night. "You should be. The lost Anasazi warriors are out there."

"There's no such thing as the lost Anasazi warriors," she tossed back. "That's a stupid fairy tale made up by naive common folk like yourself in order to scare others away. I need the Golden Bow to solve the rubic cube. If you're too afraid to get it for me like you agreed, I'll just do it myself." She pushed to her feet.

The sinister smile that spread across his face stopped her feet and only irritated her more. "You go right ahead, tinkerbell. Dressed in red-leather hooker boots like you are, I guarantee the Golden Bow's the last thing those savages'll be focused on. Last I heard, they were looking for a new sex slave." His scorching gaze ran over her. "Come to think of it, you look like you fit the bill."

Her blood warmed at the approval she saw in his brilliant blue eyes. Then she thought about the blood-letting tools they'd stumbled across and the public beheadings Indiana Jones had babbled about earlier in the day. She glanced toward the windy beach surrounding them and felt her anxiety leap into her throat. Were those beady eyes watching them from the dark?

"That's right, tinkerbell," Indiana Jones said in an arrogant voice, like a man who knows he's won the super bowl. "I think you're safer here with me, too. Looks like your only option is to scoot on over here and lay right down where I can make sure Cruella DeVil doesn't get you in the middle of the night."

Her eyes snapped back to focus on his. "I'm not sleeping with you."

That suggestive grin slid across his face, the one that did weird things to her pulse. "Who said anything about sleeping?"

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