November 21, 2008

Review: 365 Erotic Secrets for Sensational Sex by Dr. Pam Spurr

Courtesy of Amorata Press and Mini Book Expo

365 secrets are plenty of tips to start or re-ignite the spark. The book offers a ton of informational reading with the tips spaced out in between. To get an idea of all this book provides I’ve listed some of the chapters below:

• Becoming a Sensational Lover
• Sensational Seduction
• Sensational Sex Talk
• Sensational Foreplay
• Sensational Oral Pleasure
• Sensational Fantasy Play
• Sensationally Advanced Sex-Play
• Sensational Lotions, Potions and Playthings
• Sensational Sex Games

I enjoyed reading through the book but didn’t really get 365 great tips. Some of them were a little cheesy such as “Using your hands, feed you lover, taking your time to do things like pluck grapes slowly before pushing them gently between their lips.” and listed as one of the signs that a women is interested in a man “She gently draws her finger from her neck toward her d├ęcolletage signaling she wants him to notice her ‘feminine charms’ - her cleavage.” These bring to mind tacky B-movies or even those lame adult movies with no plot.

Another thing that prevented me from liking this book more was that there were no pictures. I’m a visual learner so I think that I would have enjoyed it more with at least a few pictures.

My two favorite chapters were Sensational Fantasy Play and Sensational Sex Games. Another thing I did like a lot were the list of websites listed in the last chapter of the book. I ended up bookmarking about half of them.

I recommend reading this book as a supplemental to other instruction books but not as your only choice for creating intimacy or sparks in the bedroom.