September 13, 2008

Review: Insatiable Desire by Rita Heron

Twenty years ago Vincent Valtrez left his home after surviving a night in the Black Forest where he witnessed his father murder his mother and learned that he was Demonborn. Now an FBI Special Agent, Vincent has suppressed the evil pulling at him and instead has sworn to save lives, not take them. When his next case sends him home to Erie, Tennessee to help the sheriff track down a serial killer he reunites with Clarissa King, a psychic who can communicate with the victims.

Together Vincent and Clarissa work side-by-side to stop the killer but they slowly learn the truth. They killer they are battling is no ordinary murderer. He’s a demon who will stop at nothing to see that Clarissa is out of the way and convince Vincent to let his “bad blood” take over. Will the darkness inside Vincent claim him… or will he save Clarissa – and himself – from the evil that threatens them both?

Insatiable Desire is a great book. The paranormal aspects aren’t too heavy as it can be in some of the darker paranormals I’ve read. There is just enough darkness to make it a page turner with a believable storyline. The characters are well developed and convincing so that I kept reading well past my bedtime. Then I was kept awake with the hot and heavy sex scenes! This is a must read for all paranormal romance lovers.


cheryl c said...

I don't care for much paranormal fiction. The only ones I like are those with time travel or fairies. No demons, werewolves,or vampires for me!