September 5, 2008

Past Winners

February 15th - The Last Surgeon
Nora in California

February 13th - Ecstasy Unveiled
Cheryl in Indiana, Debbie and Doreen in Canada, Crystal in Kentucky and Beth in New Jersey

January 29th - Really Angelic
Kat in Minnesota

December 30th - A Change in Altitude
Connie in Illinois, Lorraine in Canada, Marjana in Florida, Beth in Connecticut and Denny in Alaska

December 19th - True Blue
Deborah in Colorado, Dree in Florida, Anne-Marie in Canada, Rebecca in Tennessee and Janet in New Jersey

December 8th - Death at Solstice
Benita in New York

December 5th - Fiber One Gift Pack
Nora in California and Katrina Virginia

November 29th - The Lovely Bones
Deborah in Colorado, Brenda in Washington, Rebecca in Tennessee, Amanda in Illinois and Anne-Marie in Canada

November 19th - The Heart-Break Pill
Jake in New York

November 15th - To Desire a Devil
Emma in Pennsylvania, Jennifer in New York, Tena in California, Marjana in Florida and Cheryl in Ohio

November 15th - The Gate House
Beth in New Jersey, Ellie in Texas, Cheryl in Pennsylvania and Amanda in Illinois

November 10th - Leaving Carolina
Marie in Missouri

October 29th - 250 Custom Labels
Cindy in Montana

October 28th - Dragons Prefer Blondes
Christopher in California

October 15th - 5 Hispanic Author Books
Glen in Pennsylvania, Jo Anne in Texas, Adayla in South Dakota, Julia in Minnesota and Kristi in Illinois

October 9th - Tall, Dark & Fangsome
Crystal in Kentucky, Mary in Illinois, Tawanda in Pennsylvania, Terri and Renee in Canada

September 24th - Beat the Reaper
Tiffanie in Alabama, Lee, Marjorie and Pam in Canada

September 13th - Wall Graphic
Lisa in Alabama and Anne in New Mexico

September 11th - Stray Affections
Heather in Canada

September 8th - Lucky In Love
Heather in Georgia and Lee in Canada

September 7th - Daniel X: Watch the Skies
Melissa in New York, Ms J. Evans in Canada and Amanda in Illinois

September 7th - Cleopatra's Daughter
Dixie in Massachusetts

September 6th - The Blue Pen
Stacie and Pam in Canada, Elisabeth from all over the place LOL and Joanne from Connecticut

September 2nd - 250 Greeting Cards
Beth and Heather

August 25th - Dark Hunger
Crystal in Kentucky, Linda in Texas, Lorraine in Canada, Cheryl in Indiana

August 20th - Bargain with the Devil
Deidre in Georgia and Donna in Missouri

August 10th - Choice of audio books
Sara and Penney in California, Amanda in Florida, Debbie in Texas, Laura in Jasmine in Canada, Yvonne in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Amanda in Illinois

July 30th - Off Season
Amanda and Tam in Illinois, Francine and Lorraine in Canada and Benita in New York

July 19th - My Name is Will
Aimee in Pennsylvania, Amanda in Illinois, Janice in New York, Dawn in Oklahoma and Samantharae in Missouri

July 14th - The Night Gardener
Joey from South Carolina, Stephanie from North Carolina, Patrick from Massachusetts, Londia from Canada and Tawnda from Pennsylvania

July 6th - Julie and Julia
Francine in Canada, Danielle in Massachusetts, Amanda in North Carolina, Andria and Indiana and Karen in Illinois

June 26th - Bound to Please
Evelyn and Valorie in Virginia, Jessica in Texas, Cindy in Oklahoma and Ashley in Ohio

June 20th - First Family, The Way Home, The Boneman's Daughters
Wanda and Pam in Canada, Vikke in Idaho, Corki in Washington, Mary Jane in South Carolina, Cheryl in Pennsylvania, Jody in Nebraska, Beth in Connecticut and Yvonne in Alabama

June 15th - Obama's Blackberry
Latoya in Florida, Christine in Wisconsin, David in Canada, Anne in Canada and Susan in Oregon

June 9th - Priceless Memories
Cindy in Oklahoma, Sandy in Arkansas and Valerie in California

June 5th - Saints In Limbo
Valorie in Virginia

June 4th - 16x20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print
Liz in Texas

June 3rd - A Hint of Wicked
Cathie in New York, Penney in California, Hillary in Iowa, Cindy in Oklahoma and Kat in Iowa

May 29th - The Night Watchman
Mary Jane in South Carolina

May 25th - Mix Shake Stir
Kelly in Missouri, Rebecca in Tennesse, Huguette in Canada, Vikke in Idaho and Andrea in Florida

May 29th - The Night Watchman
Mary Jane in South Carolina

May 20th - 500 Business Cards
Tommy in Arkansas and Bonnie in Ohio

May 19th - No One You Know
Valerie in California

May 16th - Testimony
Anne in New Mexico, Indigo in New York, Patti in California and Aaron in Colorado

May 16th - The Girl Who Stopped Swimming
Michelle in California, Jennifer in South Carolina, Ellie in Texas, Erika in Pennsylvania and Dana in Arkansas

May 8th - One Deadly Sin
Janet in Idaho, Renee in Washington, Rachael in Missouri, Kim in Illinois and Linda in Texas

May 3rd - Drood and Run For Your Life
Drood - Mindie in Idaho and Jason in Minnesota
Run For Your Life - Tiffany in Florida, Pam in Michigan and Susan in Kansas

April 30th - Stakes and Stilettos
Melissa in Virginia, Lethea in Alabama, D. in Kansas, Carol in Pennsylvania and Tami in Tennesse

April 25th - Passion Unleashed
Tina in Canada, Janan in Illinois, Diana in Colorodo, Ashley in Ohio and Shauna in Utah

April 25th - Who Do You Think You Are?
Irene in New York

April 18th - The Turnaround
Dottie and Cindi in Illinois, Joan in Maine, Carrie in Washington and Heidi in Ohio

April 11th - Girls in Trucks
Teresa and Vanessa in Canada, Genevieve in California, Carrie in Washington & Donna in Missouri

March 30th - Thread of Fear and Whisper of Warning
Patricia in California, Vikke in Idaho & Lily in Nevada

March 24th - My Little Red Book
Jennifer in Mississippi

March 20th - Elijah's Coin
Becky in Texas

March 15th - The Girl She Used To Be
Shannon in Oklahoma

March 8th - The Hour I First Believed
Cheryl in Florida

March 1st - Sway
Gwendolyn in Rhode Island, Cheryl in Illinois, Mary Jane in South Carolina, Brenda in New Jersey and Lenda in Ohio

February 22nd - A Quiet Flame
Valerie in California

February 15th - The Terror
Eliza in India (wow!), Debbie in Texas and Dawn in Oklahoma

February 5th - Beat the Reaper
Julie in Australia, Mark in Vermont and Lori in Indiana

January 27th - Little Pink House
Valorie in Virginia, Kerri in Iowa & Alyce in Oregon

January 18th - Sundays at Tiffany's
Hardcover: Belinda in Tasmania, Australia

Audio Books: Brenda in Washington, Carol in California & Dawn in Oklahoma

Paperbacks: Anita in Georgia, Vicki in North Dakota, Susan in Kentucky, Lenda in Ohio and Judy in Mississippi.

January 11th - Divine Justice
Cathy In Florida

December 31st - Cross Country
Ron in Michigan

December 31 - $20 Amazon Gift Card
Kristi In Oklahoma

December 21st - I, Lorelei
Margaret in Lake Echo Canada

December 7th - The Book of Nonsense
Wanda in Winnipeg Canada

November 30th - The Mighty Queens of Freeville
Amy M. in Pennsylvania

November 23rd - The Pre-Nup
Darby in Kansas

November 16th - Through the Storm
Tonya in Wisconsin

November 9th - Book Giveaway Carnival
Flat out Sexy
Paula in Finland

$10 BN Gift Card
Nise' in Michigan

Tote Bag
Sally in Texas

November 1, 2008 Winners - Bloggy Giveaway Carnival
$10 B&N Gift Card
Karen in Massachusetts

2 ARC Books
Chrysa in Minnesota

Reading With Monie Tote Bag
Nora in California

6 Books by Nancy Martin
Christy in Utah

6 Books by Janet Evanovich
Cheryl in Georgia

October 26, 2008 Winner
6 Books by Tara Janzen
Kathy in Idaho

October 19, 2008 Winner
Thread of Fear by Laura Griffin
Ed in Illinois

October 12, 2008 Winner
Celebrations / Celebraciones by Nancy MarĂ­a Grande Tabor
Kristie in Michigan

October 5, 2008 Winners
Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland
Victoria in Florida

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
Elizabeth in Michigan

The Terminal Spy by Alan S. Cowell
Julie in Ontario, Canada

Off The Menu by Christine Son
Pam in Indiana

Bad Boys on Board by Lori Foster
Beverly in Arkansas

September 28, 2008 Winner
Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray
Sunny in Montana

September 20, 2008 Winners - Book Blogger Appreciation Week Giveaways
Insatiable by Rita Herron
Jennifer in Georgia

Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye
Traci in Virginia

The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway
Clare in Bristol, UK

September 21, 2008 Winner
Nation by Terry Pratchett
Jen in Illinois

September 14, 2008 Winner
The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan
Holly in Minnesota

September 7, 2008 Winner
City Of Refuge by Tom Piazza
Heather in Florida

August 31, 2008 Winner
American Widow by Alissa Torres
Terra in Illinois

August 25, 2008 Winner
Impossible by Nancy Werlin
Amy L. in Pennsylvania