August 13, 2008

Review: Summer Blowout by Claire Cook

After 10 years of marriage Bella Shaughnessy’s husband leaves her and after the divorce he starts dating Bella’s half-sister Sophia. To make matters worse all of Lucky Shaughnessy’s children, from 3 different wives, work for Lucky in his hair salon/make up artist business so Bella has to work with Sophia on a daily basis.

On one of her make-up artist gigs Bella meets Sean Ryan. Bella however is still hurting over her ex and her sister’s betrayal so she keeps him at arm’s length and just when Sean starts to break down the wall Bella puts up, he starts to get cold feet about dating a recently divorced woman.

Summer Blowout is a fun quick read. I quickly fell in love with Bella, her dysfunctional family and her new puppy with highlights in her fur. I highly recommend this book for chick-lit lovers even though it’s lighter than the typical “working girl gets boy” chick-lit story. Cook’s writing is genuine with lots of humor.