August 13, 2008

Review: Sucks To Be Me by Kimberly Pauley

Mina’s always known that her parents were vampires. What she didn’t know was that The Northwest Regional Vampire Council didn’t know about her until an unexpected visitor reported a non-vampire living in their household. Since the council states that no human is allowed to know that vampires really exist, Mina now only has 5 weeks to decide if she wants to follow in her parent’s footsteps by becoming a vampire or have her entire life’s memory erased.

In order to help Mina with her decision, The Northwest Regional Vampire Council has scheduled Mina for a 5-week introductory course where she will learn all about the vampire lifestyle. Along with Mina we learn about the vampire lifestyle and the truth about some of the more popular vampire myths (yes, vampires can go out in the sun, they just have to slather on the sunscreen and wear really dark glasses). So now not only is Mina faced with the biggest decision of her life she still has to pass French, pick 1 guy out of 3 hunks interested in her, find a prom dress and keep the whole vampire secret from her best friend Serena.

Pauley’s writing is full of humor and wit with a new take on the vampire phenomenon. The writing perfectly captures the teenage voice. She made me feel like I was right back in high school again. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel she’s now writing. Both YA and Adult readers will love this story