August 27, 2008

Review: Something Wickedly Weird, vol. 1: The Wooden Mile by Chris Mould

Eleven-year-old Stanley Buggles just received a mysterious package. Inside was a large, old key and a letter from the Mayoress of Crampton Rock. It seems that Stanley had a long lost great-uncle who just died and left him a house. Now Stanley is off to visit Candlestick Hall for the summer under the watchful eye of Mrs. Carelli, the housekeeper of Candlestick Hall.

As he arrives on Crampton Rock, Stanley realizes right away that he’s in a strange place. For one thing you can’t even set foot on the harbor without showing proof he belongs there. For another the whole town shuts down at dusk and no one ventures outside after dark.

As Stanley continues his daily adventures he inadvertently gets caught up with a trio of pirates who are up to no good. Now they have Stanley convinced that there is a real live werewolf loose on Crampton Rock and Stanley is the only one who can save the village from the beast.

The Wooden Mile is a great children’s book. It has all the elements of a story unique enough to hold a child’s interest in reading and have them eager to learn what Stanley is up to next. I really enjoyed this read and I know it will appeal to children who are the recommended reading age of 9-12 and their parents will approve. I can’t wait to read Something Wickedly Weird, vol. 2: The Icy Hand.


cheryl c said...

Boys, especially, would be attracted to the cover of the book. They would also love the story.