August 15, 2008

Review: My Husband's Sweethearts by Bridget Asher

Lucy Shoreman’s husband Artie is a cheater. When Lucy learns this she confronts him only to have him confess there have been two other affairs during their four year marriage. To cope with Artie’s infidelity Lucy leaves home and immerses herself in work for six months to deal with his betrayal. Then she receives a middle of the night phone call from her mother, he’s gravely ill. “Artie needs you. He is your husband still, after all. And it’s very bad form to leave a dying husband.”

Lucy returns home but still can’t bring herself to forgive Artie. After more than a few drinks Lucy picks up the phone, calls up all the former sweethearts in Artie’s little black book and announces, “Artie Shoreman is dying, Please call to schedule your turn at his deathbed.”

What happens next surprises everyone, the sweethearts begin to show up. From the young, tattooed and pierced Elba to Artie’s former high school teacher, the elderly Mrs. Dutton with many in between. An unlikely friendship begins to form with some of these women and you’re pulled along an emotional roller coaster with Lucy.

Asher’s writing is truly amazing. I laughed, I cried and it seemed that I could truly feel Lucy’s emotion in her words. I couldn’t believe how fast I got to the end of the book. Along with Lucy’s road to forgiveness there are two other story lines that develop bringing a surprise ending to this incredible story about love.


cheryl c said...

This sounds like an interesting story and a little different plot than a lot of "romances." Based on your review, I think I will read this one.