August 13, 2008

Review: Killing Bridezilla by Laura Levine

Killing Bridezilla is the 7th book in Levine's Jane Austen Mysteries. Not having read any of her previous work I was worried that I would be lost without any character back stories however, this was not the case with Killing Bridezilla.

The story kicks off with writer-for-hire Jaine Austen lamenting her dwindling bank account and growing credit card bills when she accepts a new gig writing wedding vows for her one-time high school enemy, the ultra-rich and spoiled Patti Devane. Patti's three thousand dollar offer has Jaine thinking this job will be easy money but she quickly learns it's hard to please Patti who asks Jaine to re-write her vows several times with themes ranging from Shakespeare to Seinfeld, Friends and Grey's Anatomy back to Shakespeare. Finally satisfied with the vows the wedding celebration is set to begin. While waiting for the ceremony to start we're entertained by Jaine setting the best man's toupee on fire, Jaine finding the bridesmaid who was dumped from the wedding for not losing enough weight drunk and almost passed out in the library and the groom's ex-wife who causes a ruckus when she crashes the wedding to threaten Patti for stealing her man.

Just when the dust seems to settle the bride plunges to her death from her balcony onto the arrow of a cupid statue. When the police look to the groom's ex-wife as their main suspect Jaine decides she need to help and does a little investigating on her own. Her own list of suspects includes the groom's Mom who hated Patti for many reasons including Patti asking her to have a mole removed because it would ruin her wedding photos, the caterer who was told her lamb was too "lamby", her shrimp to "fishy" and her quiche to "eggy" and Patti's high-school BFF who Jaine thinks was being blackmailed by Patti. Adventures abound as the sassy and sarcastic on the inside, pushover on the outside, Jaine, follows the clues and solves the murder while almost being done in herself.

Killing Bridezilla is a fun and quick read for fans of the cozy mystery.


cheryl c said...

I haven't read any of the Jane Austen mysteries, but this one sounds like a good place to start. It seems like a fun read.