August 18, 2008

Review: Impossible by Nancy Werlin

For the past five generations the women in Lucy Scarborough’s family have been cursed to give birth to a girl at 17-years old then fall into madness. One difference in Lucy’s case is that she has her foster family and good friend Zach to protect her. When the inevitable pregnancy happens Lucy finds her birth mother’s diary and learns the secrets to breaking the curse. Now Lucy has nine months to figure out and complete three tasks. Will she do it on time and save herself and her daughter or will she be doomed to follow the women in her family into insanity?
The target audience is ages 12 and up however I feel that some of the subject matter in the book would be unsuitable for children so young. Without revealing any spoilers the way Lucy becomes pregnant and the discussions of sex in the book seem more suited for someone at least 16 years or older.
I got through the book in one day however it seemed to drag on more than I expected. Lucy’s character is well written but I just couldn’t connect with the other characters surrounding her. The happily ever after ending was unbelievable and I feel that the completion of the three tasks could have been developed a whole lot more being that they were a major plot point in Lucy breaking free of the curse.
I’m not convinced that true fantasy readers will like this story. To me it was passable but I would have liked more fantasy elements to the story. The book is more romance or fiction addressing social issues than fantasy. If you’re looking for a realistic fantasy with lots of magical elements then this book might not work for you.


bermudaonion said...

Good Luck with your blog! You're doing a great job so far.

Anonymous said...

Monie, I'm so excited for you! You were the one that actually got me reading Dean Koontz! My fav. Good luck with your blog. I will be checking it out from time to time. This Impossible, sounds like a book for my Victoria, she's 15, but gets it!!!

Andi said...

Congrats on your blog Monie! The blog looks wonderful! I'm so excited for you! Thanks for the chance!

-.- said...

One of my biggest pet peeves in books is happily ever after endings, if it doesn't make sense to the story. I'll probably still pick this up since it still looks interesting.

Good review!

Liviania said...

Good review. I love Nancy Werlin, so I'm eager to give this book a chance despite the lukewarm review.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the targeted age group. It's way too young especially with certain topics like the issue with rape. I felt though that there was actually little romance. The three tasks was rather quickly done so wasn't very much the main focal point which I though was very weird. I also gave it three stars, it was ok. Not something amazing.